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Grammar Cats Rule The Internets

Chances are that if you’re reading this on tumblr, you’re familiar with the adorable lolcat memes that rule message boards around the Internet. You’re probably also familiar with the common angry responses when posters on those message boards are not correctly using things like the proper form of “your” or “there” (among the plethora of other grammatical errors). So naturally, in the crazy world of the Internet, those two things have become combined into one hilariously passive aggressive meme of grammar cats. In the true nature of lolcats they don’t always spell well, but they get their point across with a furry vengeance.

Here are some grammar cats for the many different grammatical errors you might come across every day.

For old school English teachers:

For those sentence structure lovers:

For English majors:

funny pictures of cats with captions

For those who hate when you can’t tell if it’s plural or possessive:

cat flying in the air

For more grammar cats, check out the kingdom for all lolcats: icanhascheezburger.com.